Friday, December 4, 2009

The Big and Small of it


We have always had Isa Brown hens for eggs and it wasn't until December last year that I was given some chooks from a friend that was moving to Queensland, these are our Mixed Breed chooks. Thanks Bev.

These have multiplied over the last 12 months and we have quite a few of them now, some lay normal size eggs but the smaller ones lay smaller eggs. They all taste good though.

We also have a dozen I.B's now and as the size of their eggs is "normal" we sometimes sell their excess eggs to help cover the cost of chook food. I don't think we'd get too many buyers for the small ones though.

One of the bantams has just started laying, tiny eggs but quite cute, if you can call an egg cute. See for youself.

Now, is that cute...or is that...just a small egg?
It looked cuter in the nest. Honest.

Ha!! You thought that was cute? This is cute...

These are 2 eggs that I found out in the Aracauna pen the other day. The first one is a normal sized blue egg. The other, well, it could be a birds egg from the size of it but the pen is netted and they were both together. From the same chook? Two different chooks? Dunno. One of the mysteries of eggs.

This is a photo of an Isa Browns egg and the Aracauna eggs,
just to give you an idea on the size difference.

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