Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are they or Aren't They? Update 1.

If you have been reading then you know that I spent $50. on fertile Australorp eggs as that is the breed that I decided I wanted. I bought 2 dozen eggs but only ended up with 6 chickens. Hubby cracked the unhatched eggs open after the incubation period and 11 were not fertile so I wasn't happy with that but you buy fertile eggs trusting that they are but no guarantee.

In buying a certain breed of eggs though that is the breed that you believe you will end up with. That's fair isn't it?

The women that I bought the Australorp eggs from has emailed me back saying that she did have a Plymouth Rock rooster at one stage.

So the PURE Black Australorp eggs that I bought weren't.

She has offered to swap the PR chickens IF they are hens for Australorp hens but not if they are roosters. Not happy with that and have told her so. I believe she owes me 2 Australorp hens regardless of what these PR are.

I am waiting to hear back from her about that but am very disapointed. This was the first time that I have bought fertils eggs from someone and it is sad knowing that they may not even be pure. Now I only have her word for it that the black chickens are pure but the PR rooster was obviously in with the Australorp hens or I wouldn't have ended up with 2 different breeds.

I am waiting to hear back from her and will update when I do.

Fingers crossed that she will do the right thing.

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