Sunday, December 27, 2009

What's For Tea?

We have a dam out the back, we swim in it but mainly it it used for the marron. Over the week before Christmas we had a few friends asking if they could get a feed for the special day.
After seeing a few nets pulled, all having more than a few marron in them, I asked Hubby "what's for tea?" His answer of "dunno" got me thinking that we should catch ourselves a feed, he readily agreed and here they are.

We only needed enough for the two of us so we were satisfied with this five. I did them in garlic butter in the frypan and we had them with homegrown salad. Yummo.

For anyone not knowing, Marron are freshwater crayfish.

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  1. Hi Barb, how great that you can do this on your own property. Luxury!

    Your post brings back great memories of when I was a kid. We'd go to the local dam and tie bits of meat to string and dangle them in the water and wait. Within minutes we'd get yabbies clinging to the meat and we'd take them home to eat. I think what we knew as yabbies are either similar to, or perhaps the same as, your marron. They look the same.

    I'm taking delight in including your post in my "Over the Fence" spot in my sidebar :D)