Friday, December 18, 2009

Thank-you Husband.

I am a bad chook mummy. I counted the 7 Hambough chickens on Sunday night and there were only 6 but I figured the other one was "somewhere" Well I was right, it was somewhere, it was stuck, good and tight, behind a post but I didn't find it until Monday evening.
I couldn't pull/push it out so I called Hubby and even though he wasn't too impressed he spent nearly an hour trying to get it out. He tried digging but the post is concreted in so that didn't work, tried pushing on the tin to make more room. In the end he had to take the screws out of the tin and push it out while I gently removed the chicken. It couldn't walk and was all out of shape, didn't look good at all, poor thing.
We gave it some water and it sure liked that. It probably hadn't had any since Sunday sometime. I put it in the coffee table pen and after a couple of days it was well enough to go back with the others. It still has a crooked wing but otherwise seems fine.
If Hubby had not been home I am not sure what I would have done. I couldn't get it out myself so would have had to rely on others and they are not always available. It would probably have died. I am so glad Hubby was home and I thank him heaps.

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