Friday, December 4, 2009

Outside Chicken Pens.

Beginning December 2009
The chickens are getting bigger and the days are getting warmer so I wanted somewhere outside to put the chickens during the day.

We had an old portacot so I washed that, added a little shelter, some water, a food dish, some shade and wire on top to keep the cats out and Tada...I have an outside chicken pen.

Some Hambough chickens are in a small pen on dirt, with hay, in the big mixed breed pen and they heard me talking to the Australorps out in their new pen so they asked for a pen on grass too. Yeah, they really did.

I didn't have any more portacots hanging around though so I had to go looking for *stuff* So much can be made from *stuff* I hope you all have a pile at your place.

I found some wire rescued from Hubby's work place, an old coffee table and some tools from the shed.

Staple the wire around the table, leave an opening for a door, shove in a cardboard box for a hidey place, add water and a food dish and Tada...a pen for the Hammy chicks. They love it. Love it so much it's a real pain trying to get them out to put them back in their proper pen in the evening, they keep running up to the other end so I can't reach them. Stupid chickens.

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