Saturday, December 19, 2009

Making A List

Sat 19th. 6.30am.
It's suposed to be a hot weekend but there is stuff that I REALLY need to get done. Being unwell yesterday and not being home with visiting the doctor a couple of times this week has put me behind again.
Everything needs watering, that's a given but I want to get the second lot of Hammy chickens out into the bigger seperate chicken pen. They're going to be a bugger to catch even though they are in a small pen, they are very flighty.
I need to mow and whippersnipper out the back. Thanks Hubby for clearing up that pile of stuff but now I have no excuse. lol. I'm glad that T. did half of it last week for me.
And the front and side need mowing again. All up it's a weeks worth of mowing for me and I am going to try getting it finished over the next couple of days. Monday will have me in bed but that's OK.
I'd like to try and put the door back on the Hammy *Rooster* pen....I am just going to tie it to the post with baling twine though as it's easier for me to do that. These aren't our chooks so Hubby doesn't willingly do any work on their pens. He is going to build new pens for me though, I just have to plan them first.
I need to rake out and replace the hay and grass clipping in the 2 pens to as well.
Need to whippersnipper in front of the orchard so I can walk out there without worrying about bitey things.
More mulching needs doing.
Notice I haven't mentioned anything inside. That could be because the house is already clean and tidy. Or it could be because I am a slackass that doesn't do housework. You choose what you will believe. lol.
I really gotta get started.

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