Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting Healthy.Week 1

The beginning of my Get Healthy journey started with a couple of visits to doctors. Are the pains that I get in the chest serious? Is the not being able to breath going to kill me? I needed to know these things before I killed myself with getter healthier.

So tests were done and showed that my heart is mostly OK but as I still couldn't breath and still get pains I went to another doctor on Tuesday. She listened to me cry then arranged for some breathing tests and a chest x-ray. Had these done on Wed then saw her again and she confirmed my fears.
I am fat and unfit. Who would have guessed.

I don't have Asthma, my lungs are good and healthy...I do have a palpable liver apparently and need to get an ultrasound on that. Had blood taken Friday morning to be tested for all sorts of things but really, it looks like I'm just so unfit. No idea how that happened. lol. I do still walk. OK not far and not fast 'cause I can't breath and I get chest pains when I try but still...and I use the exercise bike most days.

So anyway, I need to stop being a Sooky LaLa and start pushing myself more.

Doctor wants me to do a *brisk* walk for 10 minutes each day, for a week. OK, what is *brisk*? If it's any faster than what I have been doing then I can't do it. I can't breath and get chest pains. You know the story. She came up with 1/2 km in 10 minutes. Sounds easy. I measured and the bridge is 1/2 km from here. I did this walk this evening. T. was with me. I was out of breath and gasping, with pain in the chest area before we were half way there.
I was nearly crying. Don't know if it was from frustration, scaredness or just sookiness. lol. Anyway when we were nearly at the bridge I realised that it was 1/2km home again. Now I was really crying. (Not really but it does sound more dramatic doesn't it? lol)

Tomorrow morning I will walk *briskly* to the first corner and back. That will be nearly the right distance.

I will record each day and see how much better I am by next weekend. Sounds like a plan. Anyone want to join be on this Get Healthy journey?

These *brisk* walks will be in addition to the other 2, slow, walks that I already do and I will still do the exercise bike.

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