Thursday, December 10, 2009

Too Many

Too many chooks. Too many chickens.
And more to come. Over the last week we have had 1 hen hatch out 4 MB chickens and 2 chooks hatch out 2 MB chickens and 1 is sitting on 8 Hambough eggs and is due anytime. I think. I really do need to start writing dates down.

I have 14 Hammy chickens that I should advertise somewhere and try and get them gone. But they are so cute...

And way too many roosters but Hubby has said he'll deal with them on his next break.

Used to have too many ducks but a fox got their numbers down a couple of weeks ago. I would rather the too many ducks though. Actually, I don't want any ducks anymore so the 3 that are left is too many.

And you wanna hear something REALLY dumb? I have another 8 fertile Hammy eggs and am wondering which chook to put them under. Maybe I need to be put under for a while.

I really gotta get rid of some.

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