Monday, December 14, 2009


It's 6am here and I have just come in from a wander around the yard.

Picked and ate a few strawberries and an apricot on my way back inside.

Dug up another patch of garlic. This lot was not very impressive at all. lol. I'm sure that it will still taste yummo. I gave away a bunch of small ones yesterday to L and I still have a few more patches to pull. Pity we don't eat a lot of it...maybe we need to start. I may keep some of the bigger and better bulbs to plant out next year.

Is 6am too early to start whippersnippering? It needs doing and early is better than later for me. Will go out and see what I think. May just clean up ready to start in an hour or so.

I decided that it was too early to whippsnipper so dug up the rest of the garlic instead. Here's some of it.
And look how clever I am, I even plaited some. I am so good I sometimes scare myself .

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