Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not A Resolution but...

I hate spending money, be it on food or clothes or stuff or anything. Unless it's a bargain! And cheap. Or doesn't cost much. I love op-shopping and garage sales, I think Swap meets and markets are the best but I don't go to any of these very often any more. I do miss them but cannot justify going and probably spending money when we (OK, I) have so much crap around the place already.

During 2010 I plan to have a few Garage Sales myself. This is to clear out junk so that I don't feel bad about going op-shopping or to garage sales or markets. lol. To this end I am going to start *decluttering* Come January. I have said this before though and haven't done anything about it yet so I'm not sure why I think this January will be any different. Maybe because I am *putting it out there* and now everyone who reads this will know if I don't. And I don't want any of you lovely people to think (know) what a slackass I really am.

So come on January, 2010

Sat 9th Jan.
I just found this post and realised that I hadn't send it so will do so now, to *get it out there*

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