Thursday, December 24, 2009

Where do I bury him?

This is a question that I asked a friend when he asked us to dog-sit their old dog. Hubby thought that I was very insensitive. the wife laughed and said that the dog wouldn't up and die on me but if he did then let the crows have him. She was joking. I think. We do get a lot of crows here though...Wouldn't take long for him to be just bones...No! I will not go there. lol.
I know he won't, cark it that is...but what if he does? He is an old dog, they will be away for 10 days, what if he fretted and died? Or had a heart attack? Or got bitten by that big snake that is unaccounted for? "What if he carks it while here, where do you want us to bury him?" I still think it is a valid question but never did get a proper answer.

He is a big (fat) beautiful dog and I think I will enjoy having him here. He got dropped off on Tuesday and seems quite happy so far. He is old and arthritic so won't be coming on my walks with me but he follows me around when I am outside and sleeps when I am inside.

He likes to sleep on the mat in front of the door and is deaf so I don't like to push it open on him, I use the other door.
Told Son to do that yesterday and Hubby scoffed and said not to expect him to do that. Guess who used the other door this morning? Ha! You're a softy too Darl.

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