Friday, December 18, 2009

Slack Day

My hands and arms are too sore to do much in the garden today so I thought that I would just post some photos so all you lovely readers can see a bit of my yard.
We used to have a dozen or so Muscovy ducks as well as chooks but thanks to Mrs Fox the flock has been downsized to 3. I am looking to have these gone as well but want to sell them not have them wasted. I need to (get Hubby to) build a FOX PROOF pen and put the Australorps out in the orchard. So the ducks must go. If I can't sell them we may have to eat them. ;)

I love these daisy things, they are so bright and add colour to the place. Them being easy to grow is another plus. I have a dozen or so dotted around the place now and it all started with just one cutting.

We have a few old fridges that we use as raised gardens. These ones have beetroot. corn, cucumber in them.

In the corn fridge I have also planted beans and some pumpkin. I think it is known as a Three sisters garden. The beans aren't doing very well though as they are on the shady side of the corn. And the pumpkin? Not growing either. So not very successful but we should get some corn. That's a start. This is the first time that I have tried to grow this.

We also have 2 fridges with strawberries in them and one that has a passionfruit vine growing in it...I like the fridge gardens mainly because they were free and recycled but raised gardens are easier.

I love sunflowers, I want them at my furneral. This is one that has grown from seed that I collected from the poultry mix. I figured the chooks would enjoy these and wouldn't miss a few seeds from their food. Not as many plants came up as seeds went down though. That happens a lot with me. lol.

We have 1/2 44 gallon drums down one side of the driveway with stuff planted in them. They work well and I think Hubby was very clever to think to do it. I'm a bit slack with keeping them planted with good things to eat but hey...I have internet. How sad is that. I must remember that we can't eat internet. lol.

Just went out and counted them. There are 25 and 7 are empty. Oops. According to Hubby the one with the curry bush and the 2 with cape gooseberries could be growing something better. When he has something better to plant in those ones he can.

I bought one of these plants months ago but Sons dogs trampled it. Got it kinda growing again but in the mean time I bought another one and plonked it in this drum. It is doing so much better than the other one, which is in the ground. The other one has no fruit at all, a few flowers but nothing that even looks like a fruit. I have lost the name tag but I think it's a Pepino. I hope they taste good as there is a lot of fruit on this one.

I think it's about time I picked this zucchini. I will make it into fritters if I can find an easy recipe. Last time I made fritters I ended up having zucchini mash. Still was nice though.


  1. Hi Barb, me again! I just wanted to ask you the fridge gardens do you drill any holes in them for the water to drain?
    Thanks Hun!

  2. That would Be Hubby's job so "I dunno" I don't think he did. They had holes in them when he removed the pipes and stuff from the back so I'm pretty sure he didn't bother. And I wouldn't because they are so deep. Would make a good wicking bed I think, without any holes though.