Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bitey Things.

Sat, 13 December.
We had our second snake sighting last night. This one was a smallish, 18inch? Tiger.
I have been trying to get the yard cleared and the grass mowed but it's a never ending battle and this area I hadn't even started on yet. It was near the trailer and all the rubbish had been pulled out as someone needed to use the trailer for something else and as I was walking towards it I saw the snake right in my path. Called Hubby and he relocated it but it makes me aware again of how we need to get the place cleared up. The grass in this area is at least a foot high but there is too much rubbish around there to mow.

Last week we had a 5foot Dugite on the front verandah and that was last seen going into the shed next to the house. I keep telling myself that it is long gone but do keep my eyes open whenever I am in there.

I really gotta get the grass mowed.

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