Monday, March 18, 2019

My 40 Things...

I am doing a 40 day challenge to get rid of 40 things, 1 item a day for 40 days...Doesn't sound hard at all does it?  It's harder than I thought it would be though so maybe writing down things that do go will help encourage me a bit more.  We'll see.

1 - Box of stuff from sunroom.
2 - Another box of stuff from sunroom.
3 - 2 shirts in bin.
4 - 8 shirts, 1 skirt, pair of shorts to Vinnies.
5 - A manual muili/grater type thing to Vinnies.
6 - A mug that I broke the handle off of.  I had it sitting on the bench for a week before I decided that  I should take it out and put it in the bin!!
7 - 2 plastic cooldrink bottles that I was reusing for water. 
8 - Big glass bowl.
9 - 3 old phones.
10 - Gingerbread house making kit
11 - Stick on corner shelf unit.  This has been put out in shed so does it still count?  hmmm.

25/04/19  Well the 40 days is well and truly over...I have gotten rid of way more than this piddly list of items but can't remember what they all were now.  Shows that they were not wanted, needed or loved!

I do think that this was a great challenge though so big thanks to Sue for setting it, just sorry that I didn't follow through with it all the way because I really did intend to and it would have made a bit more of a difference in the house, shed and yard.

And now that we are seeing so many snakes that could get inside the house, be inside already?!!, I do need to keep up with this.  Or is it better to have the crap there so I can't see the snakes...?

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