Sunday, March 10, 2019

40 Days 40 Items.

I am not Catholic but apparently the 6th March was the first day of Lent.   Catholics know what Catholics do over this time but there are lots of non-Catholics that decide to give up stuff as a bit of a challenge during this time and I have become one of them. 

Last Wednesday I was invited to join a small Facebook group where the aim is to de-clutter 40 things over the 40 days of Lent.  I joined up and hope that with other people doing the same thing it will get me started on getting rid of things I no longer use, need or like.   You'd think though that if I didn't use, need or like them then they wouldn't be here anyway wouldn't you but some peoples brain don't work like that and we need a bit more encouraging and support.  This small group may be what I need to get me started.  We will be aiming to declutter 40 things over the 40 days of Lent, post in the group to encourage and help others and to read and get the help and encouragement of those in return.   I will also use this blog to record how I go as I know I always do better with things when I write about them here.

Today is the 6th day of this challenge.  The first 2 days I did good by getting rid of 2 boxes of unwanted stuff that had been sitting out in the sunroom for months.  Since those 2 boxes of stuff I have removed nothing.   I am at Vinnies this morning so I have a bag ready and I now need to go find 6 things to take down there.  I already have 2 things in the bag so I only need 4 more so not sure why it is so hard.  But, on Saturday we went to a fete and I bought some books so I probably *should* get rid of a few books to make room for them.  But books...I'll work on them another time.  Off to grab some crap...Done!  In the bag and ready to go.


  1. Well done Barb.

    I haven't set myself any particular target, but am working on mending or altering clothes I still want to be able to wear, which means I can let go of some "it'll do" clothes that have snuck in to take their place.

    I'm also trying hard to be more conscious of refusing plastic in all of the places it invites itself into my life. I've already missed a few opportunities, but am choosing to see them as learning opportunities and acknowledging the good that I have managed.

    I haven't had the mental space to comment on any blogs for a while, but always enjoy getting to read the posts, especially where it has been a while since a post. It feels like a little gift, when people have time to share, and I am warmed by every update.

    1. Hi there. Plastic is hard, it's everywhere. Sorry to hear you are not at your best now and I do hope things improve for you. I'm doing OKish with this challenge...