Friday, September 5, 2014

This Leads To This, Leads To This, Leads To This...

In the bathroom, on the floor under the towel rail, I had a box, a metal toolbox that I stored spare food in.   This somehow became a flat surface that 2 small containers were put on and they in turn had stuff put on top of them.  One reason I raised the towel rail was because this pile was getting so high it was close to touching the rail and getting in the way of getting my towel. The top stuff on the tool box was some clean sheets and towels that wouldn't fit in the cupboard.   

Once the cupboard was cleared out the sheets and towels could fit in and I was able to get to the boxes/containers.  One holds curtain stuff.  Tape, hooks, that stretchy white cord...stuff that I was keeping *handy* because I was/am going to use it for some curtains that I need to make.   But this looked out of place now that the cupboard doors were shut and the vacuum cleaner was put away so I put these containers into the cupboard.  I could do that because there was space in there after the cleanout.   There wasn't much food in the toolbox, a couple of boxes of Taco shells and some cup-a-soups, so I took these and put them with the other food in husbands wardrobe.   Great I could now get rid of this toolbox so I shut the lid, turned the handle and put it outside, ready to take to the shed.

Thinking a bit though I decided that I could put all the spare food that was in husbands cupboard in this toolbox and free up a shelf for him to keep his work gear on and that in turn would free up a shelf in another cupboard where I could store the overalls and gloves and other bee clothing.  See, one thing leads to another but the final thing can't be done until the other things are done first.  Such is my organising. 

And because I had cleared another area in the bathroom there was now a handy place to put this toolbox/food storage container where it would be out of the way.   So I go out to get this toolbox and...swear word.   It was locked. Why would the stupid thing lock itself.  That shouldn't happen should it.  Shouldn't but did.   I had a key though, ummm, where was that key...That's right, I had put it in the toolbox so it wouldn't get lost.  The key to unlock the locked toolbox was safe in the toolbox.   Apparently turning the knob to shut the toolbox so it stays shut locks it.  How stupid is that!!  So I now have a locked toolbox that is no good for anything until I get the key out so I can unlock it...

Son has told me what to try so tomorrow I will get my drill and see how good I am at using it.  He says to drill out the pop rivets that hold the catch on, take it off, open up the lid and get the keys out then pop rivet the catch back on.
That sounds easy enough.  



  1. I doubt I would have expected it to lock like that either. You are doing so well with sorting and cleaning out stuff - I'm impressed.

    I have so much that needs to be done in my house, and the kitchen has been getting worse and worse, so I cleaned and shined the sink on both sides yesterday. Don't know that I'll go full flylady, but it sure did make me smile when I walked into the kitchen this morning. :)

  2. The key is now out and husband thinks the lock is broken somehow as it's not supposed to lock itself. Now I need to put the key somewhere safe in case it happens again.

    A clean and tidy sink is always nice to see but sadly mine never stays that way very long.