Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh Sheet!

I have too many of them too.

This morning I will sort through the sheets, tablecloths, doonas and covers...and all the other crap stuff that is in the bathroom cupboard.  The towels from yesterday still look good but I know there are at least 2 missing.  I should have 3 matching pairs as well as a few odd ones but there is only 1 pair in there so I will need to do some searching.

Today though is sheet day and after pulling them all out yesterday I do wonder how they all fitted in there.  Oh that's right.  They didn't.

So we have 1 bed.   At any 1 time it will have 2 sheets on it.  So really I need 2, maybe 3, sets, yeah?   I have sorted through and now have 5 sets in the cupboard.  And one set on the bed.   But still have a pile sitting on the table to go through.   Arrhhh.   OK, now I have 1 set of Winter sheets to fit back in as well.

More sheets to come out and be sorted.  See the top shelf there, see the pack on the right?   That is a set of unopened sheets and matching pillowcases.  New and unused.  Unwrapped even.   I don't think I need to open them now but not sure that getting rid of them is the way to go either.  One day I will need new sheets and these are good quality.  And expensive!

 The top shelf here...It's supposed to hold swimming towels and I thought I had 4 of them...I know 1 was used by the granddaughter and hasn't been brought back yet, son is using one as a bath towel, there is 1 up there.  The other things are odd towels that will go, some lace curtaining that I use as a food cover during Summer, extra shampoo and conditioner...That has been there for a couple of years, not used since I stopped using shampoo and conditioner...but it is new, never opened...maybe that could go...And there is a box of towels.  New and unused.  I probably don't need them and may sell them.  May not.    I can't really see the point in selling stuff just because it's not being used yet.  Eventually they will be.

The bottom 2 shelves have an assortment of stuff...I will go through and do these 2 shelves sometime after the sheets.

OK, half way through and daughter has come out to help.    Lots is getting done but she laughed when I cried.  How rude!   Why did I cry?  I dunno, maybe I am tired but...I just couldn't bear the thought of her emptying a tube of handcream into a bigger pump bottle and then the empty tube having to be binned.   I know, or maybe I don't...stupid.

She took away a couple of bags, I don't think she trusted me not to go through them and take stuff out...these bags will be taken to the next Really Really Free Market in a few weeks time.

All the perfumes, shampoos and conditioners that I no longer use are gone.   She said I have too many soaps and wanted me to get rid of some but husband, and now the son, use soap so they are something that will eventually be used.  And who is she to say that 37 is too many anyway. lol.

Husband no longer uses powders or aftershave so I will offer these to the son.  I'm sure he will use them and it will save him buy any for awhile.  If he says no then they too will go to the RRFM.  Except the soap, I'll take that back and have 39.

But thanks to T (BIG thanks) the cupboard is sorted, I can see what is in there, the doors shut.   I'm not sure how I feel when I look at it though, it doesn't make me happy.  But it doesn't make me sad either.  It just is the way it is now and not the way it was.


  1. You've done so well, and survived T's help! I don't like to get rid of things that are still useful either and hate waste, so I understand it can be emotional. Once you get used to the change though, you will probably find it does make you happy.

  2. I really don't understand getting rid of still useful items. Won't sheets wear out? I use very old sheets to cover plants, to hang over a window while I wash curtains, to use to carry leaves that are raked, just so many things. Eventually, the get torn, so I tear them up for rags to use when washing things outdoors.

    You can use shampoo in the pump soap bottles like people use at the bathroom sink.

    The only time I ever throw any towels or sheets is when they are leaving lots of shreds and pieces in the washer or dryer.