Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pillowslips. How Many Is Too Many?

We have 68
24 pairs
20 singles
Plus, yes plus! 3 pairs  and 2  singles I brought home last week because they were rejects from Vinnies but in better condition than some that I have here.    HoHum, no wonder the husband shakes his head in disgust.

So really, not 68 but 76 pillowslips.  Honestly.  I counted 54 at first but found more as I went through the sheets and tablecloths and then the ones on the line from Vinnies.

Two people live in this house.  One queen size bed with 2 pillows. 

So maybe we don't need 76 pillowslips.

Some match the sheet sets.  Some match the doonas.  Some I love.  Some I like.  This is SO HARD!!

Done.  I have culled.  I have gone through them all and have put aside all the singles.  Except a dark blue one that is the other to a pair that husband has for his work pillow.      And a really pretty one that I will take out and use in the caravan at the beach.    And we have a couple of pair on the pillows on the bed.  Yes a couple of pair in there because I use them as pillow protectors too.  Two pair on a pillow at a time.

In the linen cupboard though I now have only 21 pair.   Still too much, maybe.  OK, not maybe, still too many but, yep there be that but...They are packed up in a neat little pile and as I go through and use them more may be taken away.

What will I do with the ones I no longer want?  I will take them down to the next Really Really Free Market.  Along with any sheets that I decide I wont keep.  But that is tomorrows job.


  1. Any worn out sheets and towels in my house have been getting cut down to small rags with zig zig hems. Trying to phase out paper towel use. In the kitchen, for spills, and for cleaning.

    Could you use any worn ones for wee woes?

    Reducing further might be easier if you use 1 pillowcase from a pair and place the matching sheets and remaining caseinside it. You could do the same for non-matching that go well enough together too.

  2. All the extra pillowcases can be used for things you sort. I used one to put clothes in that came off the line. Now, that is lazy. Use them for things that are mixed together--like winter pants and winter blouses. Well, if you store them not on hangers. Give them away or rip them up for rags. You can make pillow case dresses for little girls. I think they are also called pillow slip dresses. Look on the internet. One pillowcase is one dress.

    I think that is a smart use of the pillowcases when you put two on a pillow.

    I must admit, you do have a lot of pillowcases! Oh, I see you call them pillowslips. I don't but knew what you meant. But, until this moment did not realize we called them different