Friday, April 4, 2014

Picture For My Honey Label.

The markets are on Sunday and I still haven't worked out the labels for the honey.  Well I did and thought they looked good but I used a ClipArt logo and have since read that I can't use that as it could be copyrighted.  And it could be, I don't know so figure it is better to not use it and then I wont have to worry.    But making my own idea, what is in my head, come out on the computer is not as easy as I thought it would be.

I went to Paint and drew a bee.  Man, that's hard, drawing things freehand in Paint.  It is a little cutie though it wasn't very neat.  T came out and spent some time making it all neat and pretty.  Thanks T!  Then we put in a B.  I thought we could put a smiley face on it, add some little wings, some colour...I couldn't work it out at all but T persisted and came up with a cute little B-bee.

Now I have 2 pictures and I like them both.  Which to use?  Dunno.  I have looked then gone off and done something else then come back and looked again.   I still like them both.  I need to pick one and stick with it...

I was going to put them up on here and ask what others thought but now I can't even do that! HoHum, off to have a coffee before I try again...


  1. Apart from a curiosity to see the two choices, we, your readers, can give you an unbiased opinion and maybe help you make that all important decision :)

    Go on, give us a glimpse...;)

  2. keep trying to get the pictures up - you need your labels tomorrow!!!

  3. Yes Dani, that was the plan...
    Still can't get them on here. Think we have decided on one though and I have printed a page of stickers so will take a photo when I stick them on the jars. They look alright...


  4. You could put the labels in as a photo and then show us the photo. But, taking a picture and posting that will work. There is free clipart. So, you won't have a problem if you use that. Good luck at the market which I suppose is taking place right now.