Sunday, April 13, 2014

Community Markets.

We had our second market day this morning, this time over in Pinjarra.    A few years ago these markets were huge, sadly, not so recently.  We went for a look a few weeks back and there weren't many stalls and not many people while we were there.  Husband decided that they weren't worth going to again and he probably wont.  I decided that they needed support and decided to have a stall there and did.  

It is sad that these markets, and others in different areas, are not supported by the people of the towns.  They can't grow without our going for a look on the day, maybe buying something small from a couple of stalls, maybe having a stall ourselves.  I think the more people that go and look then the more people might decide to have a stall, the more there is to see so the more people will go.

Like last week in Waroona where the market was small and slow going because of other things going on, it was the same today.  Other bigger events in the area.  A couple of regular stalls from Pinjarra markets weren't there today as they went to one of these bigger events.  And why not, you go where you will make the most money.  But how many people going to the markets today won't go again because of the lack of stalls...

We plan on having a stall here next month and we plan to have a stall next month at the Waroona markets...but if it rains or husband is home and decides that we will go away for a few days...I know that the markets will have 1 less stall.   And during Winter?  Do I want to support them enough to go in the wet and cold knowing that others wont so it might not be worth it for us...Am I just a fair weather supporter?  Is this good enough...Dunno.   Time will tell.   I know I will be miffed if either of these markets close down due to lack of support...

What do you think?  Obviously a sometimes supporter is better than none but how often to not go is too much?  Do you go to markets during Winter?  Do you think that they need your support or do you think they will get the support from enough others?  If they did close down would you know, would you miss them?


  1. We have a market area that is covered and has a concrete floor. It is only open from April to the end of October. One couple arranged to have a booth in the winter. They also took phone and internet orders for the winter. They sat in their truck to keep warm and got out only to give people their orders or if lookers came.

    It is torrid in the summer, but people do come, hordes of them. In the winter, not so much for that one farmer. I cannot shop much or for long because walking hurts me. Walking on concrete for 15 minutes leaves me in pain all the next day. So, I have to pace myself. Sometimes, I decide the pain is worth going to the market.

    We have the same dilemma here of larger attractions drawing away the crowds. However, at the large markets, people pay for their booth space by the year. They can choose to not come, but a person cannot decided to come and pay for a booth for one day.

    My market is three blocks from me, so stopping is not hard in terms of times, miles, or gas. I think it is human nature to do what is in our best interest or what we are interested in doing. Here at our market, there is municipal property along the front across the street from the market. At the end of the market is a huge park. Two blocks to the other end is a Catholic church and more municipal property. When the Catholic has their two biggies each year, all the municipal property has a craft show, food booths, a huge yard sale. At other times like the Strawberry Festival and not associated with the church, the farmer's market is sort of at the center, making it a place people do visit. Of course, maybe the regulars cannot get to the market because they have to walk four blocks to get there.

    Sometimes, the Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday regular market days are expanded because there will be some sort of festival on Friday and the market and festival can feed off both sets of customers.

    At some of the market area festivals, the roads are blocked off and the festival spills from all the other places into the streets, having a Bier Garten set up. (Beer Garden) Then, if it is not market day, the market is allowed to set up. Some of the festivals end at 5 pm, some at 11 pm.

    I think maybe your market days are unlike the one where I buy.

    1. Gosh Linda, that all sounds huge. And very interesting/fun. I think there are similar up in Perth but I have not been to them, maybe once or twice many years ago which is what makes me think they are there...What a pity your health doesn't allow you to take full advantage of it all.


    2. Barb,
      It is all very big, but still social and small town atmosphere. If I have someone to let me out close and then drive to park, I can handle it. Plus, someone needs to carry my folding chair so I can sit often and sometimes long. I never expect that person to stand with me while I sit. I don't mind if the person leaves me for 30 min at a time.