Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good Day, Stuff Got Done.

After a slow start, too many phone calls and too much can't be botheredness I went outside, made a start and managed to make a fair bit of progress.   All the drum gardens along the driveway have been weeded, lots of grass growing up through too many of them.  I pulled the grass out from between them and mowed the area as well.  A quick run-over with the ride-on on the grass out the front of the house and around the trees, pulled more grass out and even managed to uncover some netting that I had let get smothered by grass over the last 6 months.  That took awhile!  There is still a bit to do, another mow around the edges with the push mower, a camping table needs to be put away and I have to pot up some small trees sometime in the morning.  When that is done it should look OK. 

I am dog-sitting again for a few days and he gets dropped of sometime in the morning so I need to put a few things in the sunroom away so he doesn't chew them up when I lock him in there when I go out to book-club.  Otherwise I will need to rewhippersnipper the pigpen and put him out there again, he seemed to not mind that last time he was here...Will see what is easiest tomorrow.  I'll have him until Sunday and seeing as the son has his 4 dogs out here now I will be over-run by dogs and think there will be little chance of me wanting one of my own anymore...Son does keep his kennelled when he is not here though so I will have the one until he gets home...hope they like each other...

Inside has been vacuumed, fan is out, woodbox is in and full, the fire is set ready to go...I haven't lit it tonight though am starting to get cold now so have put one of husbands jackets on.  Have put deepheat and gloves on as my hands are achey and sore and think I'll be going to bed soon as TV is boring and my hands are too achey and sore to be on this thing...HoHumm

This week I am wanting to do something about the bathroom, it has become a dumping ground for all sorts of things, stuff that has nowhere else to go, material that I want to sew, a box of stuff from the barbies we had back at the start of the year...everything is things I want but they have no real place to be stored...I have been wanting to get it organised all month and this week sometime it will be done.   Maybe I will just bag it all up and put it out in the shed, that would be easiest but it wouldn't solve much and will eventually need sorting anyway so I may as well make a start this week.  Most of it could probably be gotten rid of and I probably wouldn't miss much of it...but I wont, I will pack it up and *hide* it somewhere.

A few things on the list for tomorrow, main one being washing...and I am seriously thinking of getting son's automatic washing machine and setting it up in the bathroom.  I know that will make things easier but I don't like them, I think they are wastefull...but it will be better than the way I'm (not) doing the washing now...

One good thing today, daughter T came out and brought me some pumpkin soup and bread so I didn't have to make tea after I came in and showered.  'Twas lovely.  She is quite a good little cook.  Thanks T. 

And now, I am off, it's too hard to type with sore hands and fluffy gloves on...


  1. Won't putting things in the shed just invite mice to make beds? How do you wash clothes now? I remember not so long ago trying to type in gloves. A friend sent me some fingerless gloves she knitted. Those were nice for typing, but I did not want to ruin them. Cut the fingertips out of gloves that are not knit. That helps. I keep forgetting that it is turning toward winter where you are when you say some things.

    I may have asked before, but will the chickens eat slaters? My two hens have cut down on bugs in the yard.

    1. Mice yes and rats! But I have no room inside for all the crap I want to keep. I have invested in more traps to catch the buggers before they get into my stuff. Chickens will eat the slaters but they scratch up the plants too much and the gardens aren't fenced to keep them, the chooks, where I want them to stay...
      Washing is done in a twintub in an open shed out the back. I keep forgetting about it and it sits around too long...

  2. Just checking to see if I can still comment. On some blogs I cannot.