Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Need A New Memory Box.

I have been busy...doing what I cannot remember but I'm sure that I have been busy somewhere, doing something...

April, soon to be May.   I know we went away a couple of times this month and it seems like every weekend had something on.  Had a couple of market days, school holidays so I had a few paid work days in there...Back to being unemployed again now, until next school hols anyway.

Ummm, where did I go, what did I do...thinking here, I really need a daily write-up...or a better memory.

The first weekend was the first market stall that we went to here in Waroona, the second was market day in Pinjarra so Saturdays were getting stuff ready for them and Sundays were an early start and *can't be bothered* afternoons.  Easter weekend was filled with FreeMarkets on the Saturday and Myalup Easter Fair on the Sunday.  I stayed out the caravan Sunday and Monday with the grandkid, home Mon afternoon and work on the Tuesday.  The following weekend, the one just gone we went down to Daughters house in Nannup then the Balingup Field Day on the Sat.  Home all day Sunday where I did not much of anything and work yesterday.  Home today and I have big plans to get the house tidy and the drums along the driveway weeded and replanted if needed.  I know some of them are looking overfilled and pretty sure it is with grass and not food.

Mowing needs doing again, of course but we had rain.  Lots and lots of lovely rain...so no mowing today but maybe a yard tidy-up so it can get done  tomorrow afternoon.  I have bookclub tomorrow and this month we had *homework* with it so that made me think a bit about the book, more than I usually would.

I have done a plant swap with a woman that has been here a couple of times.  She wanted some of our banana suckers and said she had Goji berry and water chestnuts.   The Goji berry is planted in it's half drum but I still have to get the chestnuts in.  I need to look up on how to do that so will do it this afternoon.  Do any of you grow water chestnuts and have some tips for me?

All the seedlings that I planted are doing great, still there though the leaves on a few have holes that weren't there last week.   Cool damp mornings usually mean snails but the few times over the last week that I have gone out early and looked I have only found 1 small one.   Wish the Slaters could be got rid of as easily.

I lit the fire for the first time last night.  Well, we had the fire going anyway. Thought last week that I need to get it ready, take out the fan we use over Summer and bring the woodbox in, clear out the fire box...Didn't though so last night when I was cold and achey and it was getting dark I went out to get some wood and chips to get it going.  Spent 20 minutes trying to get it to light before giving up and thinking to leave it and just put a jacket on.  Went to have a shower and by the time I came out, 5min tops, husband had it going and I could already feel it was warmer.   How that man can light a fire so good is beyond me, he does it with minimal effort, hardly any paper and chips...And gets them going every time.  I think he thinks it funny to watch me struggle with them, using more and more paper, going and getting more small wood, getting cranky with the stupid thing...This morning I cleaned out the bottom of it to allow the air to get to it, will take the fan out soon and bring in the woodbox and then fill it and tonight if I struggle to get it going I will cheat and use some coals soaked in turps.  I don't like doing that though, I prefer to use paper and small twigs and branches then bigger wood.  I do think that over the last few years that the newspaper has changed as it no longer seems to light like it used to.  Not sure why it still lights for the husband though...

So, I started this post early this morning and it is now nearly lunchtime.  I haven't done half of what I planned inside and nothing outside yet...better get a move on.   Coffee first though, haven't even had my second cup for the day yet...unless I did but have forgotten...will have one anyway!


  1. It sounds like you have gotten lots done!

    1. Once I started I was pleased with how I went. I need to start more often. lol.