Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Only took most of the day...

Finally got this to turn on...only took a million and twenty tries...Started trying at 5.30 this morning.  No idea how long it will stay on for though.   I have been told that it is the processor that is loose and doesn't keep the connection.  I was told to wiggle it.  Turn the power off and wiggle the fan unit to try and connect the processor underneath. 
I took photos of the computer laying on it's side, open to the world...The heart of it laying bear for all to see...I can't get the photos up though so you will just have to believe me about it all.  
Sometimes it works, mostly it doesn't.  I am going out the beach tomorrow and will drop this off in Harvey on the way.  He will build me the new one, transfer whatever he needs to transfer...I will end up with Windows 7 which will probably bug me but I'm sure that I will get used to it.  I'm hoping that I will be able to get it connected by myself but if not I will try and get that book finished.

I need to turn it off now as I have too much to do but worry that I wont be able to get it going again later on...My life is sad, so sad.  I should rejoice if it doesn't start up as then I could defitately get the bookclub book finished.  And the floor washed.  I dropped an egg last night, yep last night.  Bit's of it are still stuck to the floor.  I am a complete and utter opposite to what I want to be.  HoHum...off to have a pity party get the floor washed, the dished finished, the clothes put away, more stuff done...


  1. I am sorry, but I laughed at your sad life. Having computer problems affects me that way--a first world problem, I suspect. But, I live in the first world and like my stuff working.

    Thank your lucky stars that you do not have Windows 8! I love Windows 7 and barely noticed I upgraded from whatever I had before.

    Go to the beach and just leave me here in frigid Alabama.

    1. PS:
      You know you will have to soak that egg off the floor?