Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Have The New Computer.

I have the new computer, bought because the old one kept having problems and eventually they said no point paying out more money...a new one would be better.  Not happy but OK, I will buy a new one.

I was supposed to pick it up Thursday, it wasn't ready, went down Friday afternoon, payed the money and brought it home.  I connected everything, plugged it in, turned it on...nope, didn't work.  I just got a no signal message.   Rang the guy who wasn't much help, he had ideas but not anything that I could do then to get it going.  Feeling cranky now...  This morning I disconnect it all and ask Husband to connect it up again, you know, in case I am dumb and did it wrong.   He connected it all up, plugged it in and nothing.  Good, not me then.   The difference now is that he can, and did, look and see what the problem was.  It seemed that the signal cord wasn't connecting but he looked some more and noticed that it was too long to fit and unscrewed some screws to make it shorter and connected it.  Cool, thanks Darl, now I have a computer.    Jobs to do too though so no time for a play.  It saved me having to drive back to Harvey though to get the guy to work it out.

Time to play now, how do you connect with Windows 7?  Call the daughter and she comes out to have a look for me.   It doesn't connect to Internet.  Getting crankier.  Call the guy, talk about it with him...seems my modem is not compatible with Windows 7.   Quite cross now!  Drive the 25min back down to Harvey to buy a new modem.    Come home and dump the box on a chair, I am cranky and over it.    Husband comes in, we put it all together and I have Internet.     

So I have a new computer.  It took longer than he thought it would to transfer the old data over and even then not all of it happened.  I had to change to Windows 7, needed a new modem, I had to throw away the old bits and pieces...I always feel sad when stuff has to be thrown away.   I will take it to the FreeMarkets but who will want it...maybe someone.  

Sadly, I no longer love my computer.  I am hoping that it will come back though as I learn how it all works and I get back into everything.  Actually, I am looking forward to getting back into everything so maybe the love will come soon.  Maybe by Valentines Day I will love it again...


  1. Barb,
    I get cranky, too, when my computer is out of commission! I certainly do not understand what your husband did. Can you ask him for me? Just make sure you buy a Valentine for your computer to help express your love for your computer. Dust it once in a while and don't eat over it instead of abusing it like I do mine. lol Windows 7 is no problem, really. I am so glad you are back. I have missed your posts.

  2. And, following on fro. PP's comment, don't drink tea/coffe/wine/beer at it either...

    I'm notorious for drowing my keyboard...

    Welcome back :)

  3. Hmmm, I must say that I do like having my first coffee here while catching up with what you are all doing...If I spilled it on here now I would cry.

    Linda, where the cord from the monitor plugs into the back of the computer, the prongs weren't reaching each other. He removed some extension? screws from the blue plug so that it could make contact with the computer tower bit.


  4. Aah computers. They're great when they're working but a huge source of frustration when they are not. I have Windows 7 and find it a lot like XP and apparently far easier to use than it's predecessor Vista.