Saturday, February 1, 2014


I am online for a bit but for how long only the Computer God knows.   I have ordered a new computer though so this one will proberly work for months now with no more issues...Too bad, it's agoing. 

I have been having trouble with this one for a few months now, it works, it doesn't work, I take it in and pay money to get it fixed, it works, it stops working so goes back to the shop...He fixes it, different problem so I pay more, it works, it doesn't, he gets it going for free...He knows what the problem is and tells me it will be expensive to fix, not really worth it considering the age of this one...He will build me a new one and use the new bits that he has put in this one and give me a discount too.  This time round it hasn't worked for nearly a fortnight and I finally got it down to the shop this morning thinking to leave it there untill next week when he can build the new one.  He fiddles with it and gets it going, shows me what he did in case it stops working again and tells me to return it next week...It works but I need to be quick with using it in case it stops again and I didn't watch close enough to what he showed me to do...

In the meantime, if no-one hears from me it is because I can't get this one to turn on.  Or I am out in the garden.  Or trying to get a book finished because I joined a book club...

When this one started having *issues* I more or less decided that I didn't need it fixed.  I could live a pretty decent life without it.  I would get so much done, my house would get tidy, all the books would get read, I would build a bookcase so that I could bring in the books that are out in the shed...But no, none of that happened.  None of that will happen so I may as well get a new one that I can use whenever I want to so that I have something to do when husband is home watching crap on the TV all night.  It will save me having to go to bed at 7.30 because I have nothing to do and there is crap being watched on the TV.

I am now going to have a coffee and read some blogs. I might get to yours before this thing stops again.

Are you reliant on your computer?  Could you happily go without it if it didn't work?  Or are you like me and though you don't need it you like it, want it, will get a new one so you have it... 


  1. I rely on my computer; I like it; I want it; I will not be happy without one. So there. And, ,mine is acting up. Blogger is messed up, too. I am glad you are back.

  2. You have no idea how much I relate to this post Barb. My @&%$* computer has been so slow for months now, sometimes I can load up and sometimes not.BUT... maybe I shouldn't jinx myself, it seems to be not so bad right at this moment. I think I might miss it, but sometimes I think I should find out for sure :) Are you enjoying the cooler temps, I'm loving it so much!

  3. I feel completely lost without my computer now. Had to manage without for a week or so a while ago because the hard drive was fritzed. Drove me nuts not having it, and I used to visit a friend to use hers! Good to see you blogging again.

  4. Hmmm, sometimes I can get it started but mostly I can't...This time I did. I *need* it when husband is home but can do without when I get first nibs with the telly.
    Hot weather is back this week, bummer that as I too like it cool.
    When I get the new one I will try and blog more interesting stuff, more often...