Friday, April 16, 2010

Donnybrook Playground

Wednesday just gone we went down to Donnybrook to
meet up with some family members at the big playground. 
The others have been here before but it was a first for me
and daughter T. and grandaugter.
The weather forcast wasn't too good but the morning
here was kinda sunny but dark looking southwards.
Which is where we wanted to go.
After a phonecall to see if it was still on we finished
getting ready then left.  T's fella was coming as
well so  he became desinated driver which I was
mighty thankfull for as it soon started raining and there was quite a downpour just before we got there.
Pulling into Donnybrook though the rain stopped and the sun shone..  Like it was just for us...

This playground is off the main road of Donnybrook and is very impressive.  Suitable for all ages and great fun.
There are a few barbecues and tables under shadeclothe sales.  These arent rain proof though.. lol.
There are 2 unisex and wheelchair accesable toilets. 

Here I am wanting to have a go but...           I decited I would....                                    And did.

I will have to go here again though as I was *dared*
to climb this rope frame before we left but "forgot".

Next time we will explore a bit of the town before we leave as Hubby says there is a place that I want to see down there but we can't remember what it is.  I'm sure it's worth seeing though.

If you are ever in the area call in.  You'll have a great time.

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