Thursday, April 1, 2010

Buy No Veg Challenge. March Update.

March is finished for another year so we are 3 months down in our *buy no vegetables in 2010* challenge.  We have done pretty good so far as we have not had to buy any veg and we haven't gone without any that we wanted.   So happy with that.

The seed planting over the last month was a dismal failure though with nothing coming up and I am blaming the heat for that.  Neither seed in the garden or in the seedboxes survived so last week I went and bought a few punnets of seedlings and put those in.  Sofar they are still alive so we may get some cabbage to eat. I have also put more seeds in the seedtrays but only a few seem to have come up so far so I will need o wait and see how the rest go.  All the basil came up though but I knew that that was going to happen as we don't eat basil!

I have put in more carrot seed and hope that will come up as I am fast running out of carrot seed: I have had no luck this year with that germinating and only have a few more feeds of carrot left out in the garden.

One punnet I bought was of chinese cabbage but I was looking at that last night and there is not much left of it so I must go and spread some crushed eggshell around that to try and protect it...DONE.

We do have enough stuff gowing still to get us through April but I HAVE TO get stuff to start growing.

We won't starve though as the eggplant are still producing and the chokoes now have tiny fruit on them and with the cooler weather meaning the wood fire and stews we will have plenty to eat but it might not be what we want.   Though I had some egglant the other day and it wasn't awful.  Hubby disagrees with that but I think that is because I didn't have any breadcumbs so I used bran as the coating instead.  I like bran...he doesn't.

So we are succeeding so far and every passing day brings us closer the the end so even though there have been lots of failures I am pleased with how we have done so far.

Oh, the only fruit I bought in March was some pears and a bunch of bananas.

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