Saturday, January 19, 2019

They Say It's Hot

40 degrees some are saying and 40 is hot, and same tomorrow they reckon.  Yeah, it's warm and today I did go swimming in the dam a couple of times so maybe it was hot. 

We are a couple of k's out of town on 5 acres, with paddocks around instead of houses.  We have grass that stays green without watering even during Summer and lots of trees so there is a lot of shade around and husband has put misters up in what we call our Shade Area and they work great to cool the air, it is noticeably cooler within minutes of turning them on.  The birds really like it when we turn them on too and dozens of little birds come in and flitter around, it's really pretty good to see.

Inside we only have wall fans and we have those on when it's warm inside.  Close the front curtains during the day and open them at night to let the breeze in.  If it's too hot inside then we go out and sit in the shade area.

The chooks notice the heat so if we are home we put sprinklers on for them but even without that there are plenty of trees for shade in their yard and they have continuous waterers so they always have fresh water.  

I don't like the heat though, I much prefer Winter, but with a bit of common sense, some forward planning by husband and the lovely area that we live in...we will survive, even with a few hot days.

I will take a few photos tomorrow to show why it is so cool here when lots are dealing with the heat.

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