Tuesday, January 1, 2019

First Day Of The new Year.

First day of 2019 and I was up early, around 4:40 am.  I love getting up early but prefer 5 - 5:30.  Before 6am anyway.  Half past 4 is a tad too early but anything after 6 and the morning slips away too quickly.

So I have a coffee, go on Facebook, read some blogs.  Then outside for a look around, check the chooks, turn off any sprinklers that have been on overnight.  Then I get busy doing nothing and before I know it husband is up and it's time for another coffee, a bit of a chat and soon it's too hot for me to be outside.

This morning though Husband says he'll help me get the extracting shed sorted.  I have been asking for help for weeks now so had to go along with it even though it was getting too hot for me.  Months ago daughter T helped me empty this shed, then we power washed it all and I then spent 4 days getting the floor painted.  Another few days to put the shelves back in then some more time to get the table and the tubs of jars back in there.  But the honey extractors were something that I couldn't get back in.  I couldn't move them by myself and T has been unwell so didn't want to ask her.  But now it is all put back together so we are ready for the long overdue extraction, whenever that may be.

The rest of the day I basically did nothing.  Except I had a sleep for a bit in the afternoon.  'Cause 4:30 is too early you know.   It was hot so we spent a few hours outside, me sitting in the shade and watching the birds and husband cleaning a barbecue we  acquired yesterday.  Son came out with his dogs for a bit and when he left I came in to make tea then decided to go into Vinnies and collect some rubbish as tomorrow is our bin day and there is so much down there.   Then back on here until bedtime.  Which will be soon.

Not a very productive day but a pretty good way to spend the first day of 2019.  How did you spend the 1/1/2019? 

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