Sunday, January 6, 2019

Curtains Up For Little Blue Wren.

The curtain I put up with so much effort yesterday blew down with last nights wind so little bird was back this morning.

I needed another plan...but what, what, what?   I have cardboard boxes but wasn't sure how to make them stay in place as I cannot reach one corner to secure it there.  The cattery is also in front of a section of this window and that makes it awkward for me to get to.  Eventually I decided on a board that I was using for the kids to draw on as it was the correct width though way too long.  I had to sit it on a sink outlet pipe and wedge it between the cattery and the wall but it looked like it would work. So, sorted.  I win little bird!   But, maybe not...

The wind blew and a gap formed and little blue wren came back.   I was concerned that he would get stuck between the board and the window so had to go hunting for another solution.  That was one of my boxes, not the best but will work for now and maybe husband will get home today.  In 10 minutes he will have it sorted, no problem.

1 comment:

  1. good grief... what a tenacious little fellow. Your video really shows the problem!