Monday, July 22, 2013

PFJ. Week 3 Gone.

The last week has not been a good one for my  no use one use plastic challenge.  I think I am an abject failure and should hang my head in shame...But I wont, I will take more care and not be so lazy this coming week but I can't change last week at all. 

Biggest fail was last Thursday.  It was school holidays and I knew that we would be going out with the daughter and grandaughter at some point.  I know she is a junk food buyer.  I did plan on putting some food together for us all but thought that we might also just call into Coles on the way and buy some rolls and a cooked chook or something.   For some reason though I didn't put anything together, we left later than planned, husband came with us, daughter needed to call in for blood tests on the way...Lots of reason but I am the one that didn't pack a picnic for us to take.   By the time we got to Mandurah it was after 12, everyone was hungry, they decided that Hungry Jacks would be good.  In my favour I didn't actually order anything so does that get me a few points back?   I knew that there would be *stuff* left over from each of them so if I wanted to I could eat their extra.  I was right too and I do like the softserve icecream from these types of places...And chips are good from anywhere....There was rubbish that needed to be binned afterwards though and some of it was plastic...

Then on the weekend son brought out a box of meat from his work.  Packaged up on foam trays and plastic wrapped.    I cooked up all the meat so at least that was saved from landfill.  Yep, the near use-by date meat is quite often binned.  Not put out cheaper for the customer but binned.  Son quite often takes it home for his dogs but we get a lot of it too.  But there is foam trays and plastic to get rid of.   Some of this meat was sausage meat...Puff pastry was bought so more plastic and rubbish there.  Next time I will make pastry, not puff but it will be better than buying and binning.

Coke bottles were re-used by us instead of going in the recycle bin so that's a kinda win...

How did you go this week?  Much plastic that could have been avoided? Ideas for next week?   Or are you not concerned about the one use type of products and use what you always use?


  1. I think you get all the points--100%. You actually care, thought about it, and admit you did not do the best you can do.

    You are not responsible for your son's bringing Styrofoam and plastic wrap. He is not responsible. The store/system is responsible. Even if he had kept the plastic and Styrofoam from your sight, it would all be discarded somewhere.

    You certainly cannot control the actions of everyone you went out with. Even if you had packed a lunch, there would be people with you wanting things or food in plastic.

    You did well. You participated in a movement, a cause, a demonstration. Your actions will remind others. That is how big things eventually happen.

  2. Thanks Linda, you always make me feel better about things.
    I thought I was pretty good with being green but I am seeing where I can, and will, improve so this challenge is a good thing for me.


  3. Barb we can't always be perfect but we can try our best. It's a reflection of our society that we are bombarded with plastic and other nasties wherever we go. All the little changes you are putting in place add up to a lot and the more people who make those changes will influence others.

    Keep up the great work.