Monday, July 1, 2013

Am I real or do I not exist?

I am starting to worry that I no longer exist.  Over the last few days there has been a couple of times that I am not reconized as an actual person... so maybe I am not...

I volunteer on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings at our local Vinnies op-shop.  I was there last Monday but on Thursday there was a sign on the opshop door saying that it would be closed on Mondays due to no volunteers.  I don't know how the morning vollie felt but I think I/we should have been told that we weren't considered as being there before the sign proclaimed it to the town.   It will now be open but I don't know if I am on the roster and the manager couldn't say for sure either.  I will find out this afternoon when I show up anyway.

This morning I turn the computer on but can not log on as I don't exist on this computer.  Now computers are smart aren't they so if my computer says that I don't exist then maybe I don't.

And I actually know a couple of people that think that we as a race are not actually here but that we imagine what we do and who we are...or some such thing, I found it all too confusing.

Do you sometimes feel less that you're worth because of the unthinking behaviour of other people?  I have spoken to the manager that put the sign up and she said not to take it personaly but I did, I do, she now knows that...I will see what happens down there this afternoon.  And will see if I come back on the computer after another restart.   Hopefully I'll be back as Me before too long.


  1. I would take it personally! It seems a lie was printed that sort of negates you. If they did not have enough volunteers, then the sign should say so. Are you being fired from a volunteer job? Employees are different from volunteers. Employees get paid and depend on the money. Volunteers can be insulted and leave.

    I just figure computers are temperamental. Turn the computer off. Deprive it of electricity. Then, it will recognize you. Remember--GIGO. Garbage in; garbage out. The computer found some garbage because I am sure you did not input garbage.

    Yes, I do feel like an nonperson some days. But, you may not want to hear a feminist rant

    Plus, the people who see me in the electric cart and call me sweetie just drive me mad. I am not a doddering old lady who is complimented by familiarities that others have no right to take. I do point out in a testy manner that my name is Linda, not "Sweetie." I also sometimes tell people they don't know me well enough to call me sweetie. AND, I say, "My name is on the check. Use it, not a non-name. My name is Linda or Ms.De****. People are usually stunned that I want them to call me my very own name. Fancy that. I switch up my retort just to please

    And, one well-known, nationally located store discriminates against me because of the electric cart I ride in the store, talking about how I really can walk and really can raise the arm with the torn rotator cuff. Grrr.

    You probably did not realize you would get such a pointed response.

  2. Re. Vinnies - I would be insulted - it was very rude towards you as a volunteer - it is your time, effort and beliefs that have been ignored. As for the computer -0 have to go with the flow on that one - they have their own minds!!!

  3. Hi Barb...I can so relate to your post on so many different levels ..since being unwell my family treat me like I don't exist can fully understand...But I have met you and know you do exist, you are such a gorgeous lady...some people ..I do shake my head from time to time at the way some people act and behave...makes me wonder....they can be very disrespectful..fancy putting a sign like that on the door with out discussing it with people first...sounds more like they don't have enough workers for Mondays..why not say that and then others might want to volunteer...Also while I'm here ..thank you so much for the luffa..I used it for the first time on Friday lovely not to hard and scratchy like the ones you buy..Any chance of a few more very happy to pay for them...I have plenty of seeds to grow some..although a few years ago I bought a packet of luffa know I have plenty..when is a good time to plant them glad you do exist...and I'm so impressed with your garden...we have been making fully enclosed garden beds and planted lots of chinese greens...

  4. It reckon that was bloody ungrateful of Vinnie's and would have been upset to.

    Is there no where else you could volunteer that would actually appreciate you offering of your time, thought, planning and effort?

  5. Thanks People. A couple of people thought that I was I do sometimes haha, but I feel justified in being upset about this.

    I can relate to everything you all say, some people can be so *not nice*