Monday, June 24, 2013

So Sorry and Thankyou.

This is an apology to all my followers.  Every now and then I do a post thanking people for following and leaving comment.  A generic thankyou.  I'm sorry.  I mean well but really I know that a personal welcome and thankyou each time I get a new follower would be much better.  It's not like I get dozens a week so it should be simple enough to do.   And a reply to the comments within a day or so should also be done but I don't.  I know I like it when I get a reply to comments I leave on blogs and the blogs that never reply to anyone sometimes get taken off my list. 

The sad thing is that though I know I should and would like to, the reality is that I might not say Welcome and reply all the time.   That's the way it is.  And I'm sorry for that too.

Thankyou Rat for bringing this to my attention.


  1. I never welcome anyone. Lots of people don't welcome followers. I don't think it is a hard and fast rule of blogging. Seriously!I do try to respond to all comments. If someone never responds to questions, I will give them many chances and soon just take them off my blog roll. I am surprised by each blogger who welcomes me.

    I don't see your email address. Will you email me?


  2. Oh oops! now I feel guilty because I don't do enough of that either even though I do appreciate when you visit and comment on my blog. Ta!

  3. I don't welcome followers to my blog but I always reply to their emails. Buy as I check my email addy each day it is just a part of the process. probably nothing to worry about unless you are losing bloogers !

  4. Ooops - I meant 'bloggers' not bloogers!!

  5. Some people seem to being a bit precious here.. You do not have to welcome every person who becomes a follower.. Nor do you have to reply to every comment.. Don't feel bad..

  6. I don't write my own blog, so can't comment on that side of things, however most blogs that I follow are either because they are interesting to me, or useful in some way. I don't think either of those points change simply because the blogger doesn't respond to a comment on their post. I admit that I do like it when I get a reply, but some blog comment processes don't allow you to be notified when there is a reply, and I mostly don't remember to check back again, so sometimes I wouldn't even know if I've had a reply.

    I figure you have to primarily write for yourself (or maybe friends and family too), and that your blog is therefore you own space, so if people take offence to something you do or don't do on your blog that is their issue, not yours. I like reading (both of) your blog(s) and think you are doing just fine, regardless of how often you post, or whether you have time (or inclination) to respond to new followers or comments.

  7. Ah - whatever floats your boat :)

    I make a point of welcoming new followers, because it's my way of thanking them for hitting the followers button.

  8. Hello to you all. Thankyou for the comments. I love hearing/reading what you all think about things and this topic seems to have a few different views. I'd like to be polite and not offend anyone but it's hard to know what different people expect. I know I don't expect it but I do like the way Dani welcomes her followers and I have read some interesting blogs through her. And I'd be lonely without Linda dropping in as often as she does.
    I always look up the person that follows or comments on here, read some good things, but I don't always comment on those blogs so they might think I'm ignoring them...Internet manners, it's a hard one, for me anyway.

    Enjoy you week everyone.