Monday, June 24, 2013

Cold Weather Cooking.

We have had a few cold nights here and yesterday was raining so the woodfire has been going for a few days.  That means it's time to cook up big pots of soupy stuff to go in the fridge and freezer. 

I've just been out and picked some Chokos and Capsicums, I'm going to put them through the Vitamix and make up a big pot of...something.  I cooked up some split peas last night, I have 2 empty Vegemite jars on the stove, with water in them and will swish that around and add it to the pot.  It adds flavour and gets the last of the Vegemite out of the jar.  Husband gets cranky when he comes across the empty jars in the cupboard and calls me tight but hey, why waste all that free flavour.   The end result of todays mixture will become soup or have chicken added to it, frozen in portions to add to other stuff...a bit of all the that...not really sure yet.

So, I have done all that.  I went through the fridge and found some manky carrots, some older capsicums and sad looking tomatoes.  They have been through the Vitamix and are now added to the pot.

I have taken a pack of what I think is mince from the freezer.  It might be stewing steak  Whatever.   When that defrosts it will have some of this mixture added to it and that will bethe start of tonights tea and my lunch for the next 2 days.  Maybe tomorrows tea as well, if there is enough left over.  I will add the last of the big mushroom to tonights lot.

I like cooking up a big batch of something and having it in the fridge ready for eating  over a few days.   It means that there is something healthy in there regardless of how busy we have been or how lazy we are.  I should do it more often as cold weather makes it all so much easier to get plenty of vegies in.   We don't have a stove/oven and Summer means salads but you can get a lot of goodness into soups and stews. 

What is your favorite cold weather food?


  1. When people join my blog I like to acknowledge them and say welcome.Apparently that is not your custom. the rat

    1. I'm so sorry Rat. I love getting new followers and really appreciate comments but you are right. I am very slack when it comes to saying Welcome and thankyou. I know apologising doesn't fix it but I am sorry.


  2. I like (1)vegetable/beef soup; (2)blackeyed peas, greens, sweet potatoes and salmon croquettes; (3)chicken/turkey, cheese and white potatoes fixed some way,salad. Basically, I like using the over to get a little heat in the house.

    As for the water in the jars on the stove--what is wrong with being tight about the money he brings home? I rinse out all bottles and jars.