Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Home but no time...

We have been home from our week in Shark Bay for a few days now but I am using the fact that I haven't had a full day home yet as my excuse for not blogging.  And daughter has my camera so I can't post photos...OK, that one is not real as I do have another camera I could use if I really wanted to.  And older photos too...OK, the real reason, as you might have guest is I am a slacka.

But here is a big pat on the back for husband.   Our leaving day was 3am, Saturday, June 1st.   Yep 3am, that's early even for me.  So I was up at 2.30, you know coffee, waking up time, last minute packing...I hear water running, think maybe I left a hose on the night before, maybe into the washing machine so go out the back...there is steamy water pouring out of the hot water system.  Oh dear, that's not right.  A loud yell gets husband up, he comes out and looks, swears, turns the gas off, turns the water to the system off...We leave for the 10 hour drive to Shark Bay.  We get home Sunday afternoon a week later, no shower that night and Monday morning I look up plumbers, we talk about getting it fixed or replacing...husband takes the cover off of this so we can give the plumber guy some sort of information of where the water came from...half an hour later husband has it fixed and we can shower.  It is an old system and when he took the cover off he saw that the water pipes had pulled away, a clamp had come off the wall and the weight of the pipe had pulled it from the rusty connections.  A bit of fiddling, make another clampy thing, prop up another pipe, connect it back up, light the pilot light and we are good to go.  Thanks Dear.

It was good to get home, I missed it.  The grass was green and needs it does...the backyard and clothesline has been taken over by the Choko vine  Tomatoes and Capsicum ripening up nicely.  June and we still have a few tomato bushes with red tomatoes, unusual but good to see.  The Luffa vine is smothered and I need to get out there and find and pick them as a few are going brown.  Passionfruit are starting to fall so I will get a lovely smell when I next mow.  It all needs work but that will come when next I have a full day at home...not this week, maybe next.  Still no eggs from any chooks.  I need to oil their legs again, I did them the week before we left and they get done a few times to combat the Scaley Leg Mite but I wonder if they deserve it.  Or if they will be culled soon anyway...but we chook people have to do right by the animal so it will get done regardless.  This weekend, I think.   But I'm busy Saturday as it Free Market day.  HoHum,  Sunday then.

Have work today and need to leave soon, busybusybusy....


  1. So, you went somewhere together for a week? "Shark Bay" sounds exciting and so exotic. Thankfully, your husband could fix that leak. When things like that happen to me, I am up a creek.

    When you come back to blog, maybe we will hear a little about the week you were gone. Okay?

  2. I love Shark Bay, hope you had the BEST time. Its so great to have a handy DH that can fix stuff that's stuffed.

  3. Hello to you both. I will write about the trip, am in the process of it at the moment but other stuff seems to keep getting in the way.

    Linda, yes, a whole week but it doesn't really count as I was just a tagalong and not keen on the fishing drinking parts...which was what it was all about...still, it is a nice place and I did enjoy most of it.

    Handy husbands are a good thing to have.