Thursday, May 30, 2013

Out and About. April/May.

I had a talk with the husband again last month, about us never doing anything together or going anywhere...He doesn't think we need to, is happy to stay home, do nothing, be a hermit...I am too, mostly, but think that sometimes it's good to spent time together, as a couple, doing *something*  It's the *something* that we have trouble agreeing on.  He isn't interested in things I like, I don't want to do the stuff he likes. We could compromise but then someone is doing something they don't want to, the other knows, not a fun outing...He does say that if I organised something he might go...if he isn't working, isn't busy, could be bothered.  I am going to make an updated list, organise something and see what happens.

5-6th Nannup  Freemarkets and family visit sleepover.  Me and daughter.  (Daughter and I!)

10th??  Lake Brockman  Cafe.  Devonshire Tea with husband, on the way down to pick up the computer.  'Twas nice.
11th.  Lions Auction.  Bought some stuff!  With husband.
17th.  Lunch at the cafe at Logues Brook (Lake Brockman)  Daughter T took us for her fathers birthday.

May is finished tomorrow and apart from a shopping trip with Husband this morning nothing exciting or halfway interesting will occur before we hit June.  June though?  I'm agunna do something, go somewhere, I need an adventure and June will give it to me.


  1. Why don't you get a list of things he likes to do and one you like to do. Add dates of these things if it is an event.

    I dated a guy who was not so interested in craft shows like I was. When he found out there was a car show involved, he was ready to go. We went to the craft show, ate lunch, and went to the car show, something I could live without.

    You could alternate the events, one you like and one he likes. If you want to be together, either one of you, where you go won't always be a problem. Isn't it about being together? Taking turns would help. Ask him for a list of things or dates of events that would be at the top of his list of things to do.

    Every trip you two take does not have to be about mutual interests if there none. Trips can be about seeing the other have fun and trying your best to be happy about whatever you are doing, happy to be out and about.

    You could promise him and extra special "treat" when you get your trip. jk

    Maybe you could stop at shops for you if you went someplace he liked. Or, he could stop in someplace while you were both going where you want.

    Some compromise and clever juggling of events could make you both happy the other was having a good time.


  2. Thing is Linda, he'd really rather do nothing, go nowhere. Sometimes agrees to if I whinge enough but it's not something he likes and I know it so feel bad asking but want to go with him...I probably need a friend or suck it up and go alone...but I won't, I'll whinge some more and he'l take me. haha.


  3. Barb,
    Well, I hope something works out that makes it satisfactory for you. He is a hard case...lo.