Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm Back!

And mighty pleased to be so I can tell you.  TV is boring, I can't see well enough to read at night, it's too dark to stay outside past 5.30ish and I missed it.    And how people can sit and watch TV for hours on end is beyond me.  Yes Dear, I am talking about you!

We have been having trouble with the computer for a couple of months, it would take ages and many attempts to turn on but worked fine if left on.  It would freeze and then need to be restarted, that took forever and many attempts...It would suddenly turn itself off and then need many tries to get it going again...Until one day it wouldn't turn on at all.  No matter what we did.  So it was off to the shop to be fixed.  Not sure why I didn't do that straight off but hey, I didn't but have now and after more than a week I can only say that my life is sad as I missed it.  A lot! 

Did my life benefit by not having it here and on all the time?  No, I don't think so.  Did I get heaps done that I otherwise wouldn't have?  No.  Is my garden the once resplendent Eden it used to be?  No.  Did my hands and arms improve because I wasn't using it?  No.  And this one I thought might happen.  I thought that the dodgy hands and arms may have been from using the keyboard and resting my arms on the desk too long but they didn't improve at all.  I think reading, holding a book and resting my arms on the table aggravated them more than my using the computer and I'm not happy about that either.  I might actually have to go and get them looked at as they are becoming a nuisance and a real bother, more so that the usual Fibro aches.  So another! visit to the doctor.  But not this week as I am busy.  Am busy, have been busy, will be busy.

Busy you say, doing what, you ask?   Not a lot actually and I have all the reasons written down somewhere if anyone really cares but it seems that those they said my life would be better without so much time spend reading blogs and gardening sites and watching Youtube...They were wrong.  HighFive to me.

I do work 2 days a week.  Do 2 half days volunteering down at our local Vinnies store, do still have many many books that need reading, do still have chooks and gardens that need working on every day...Do spend a lot of time doing not much at all...See, busy, busy, busy.

Hopefully I will not get back into the habit off sitting here too much again though as there is a lot that I want to get done over the next couple of months, before the warm weather is back.  If you see me here too much then feel free to kick my butt and tell me to get outside and plant something somewhere.

Oh!, I was pleased to see that I have another follower.   Husband made the comment that I get more followers when I don't post than when I do but we'll just ignore him, aye.  I appreciate the time people take to read me and to those that read and those that follow,  Thankyou.

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  1. I have one elbow that is all scaly and hard and thick like I had been writing at a desk. It is the left elbow and I am right handed. That elbow is smooth as a baby's behind. You see, I sit in an upholstered chair with the laptop in my lap. Smooooooth chair arms are nice.

    A friend said I have eczema, but vinegar helps it. I don't think she know what she is talking about.

    With fibromyalgia, there is not a whole day you can work without repercussions and complaints from your body. I tend to pace and get nothing done when I cannot use my laptop. It was dying and somehow healed itself mostly.

    Don't worry about the looks of your garden; worry how much it produces. I think you do lots in comparison to me. But, you would have low standards if you compared yourself to me.