Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Watermelon Whine.

Every year I try and grow Watermelons but never seem to get it right so don't have much success.  This year has been the one year where we have managed to get more than 3 to a big enough size to think I had a chance of getting some.   I can't always tell when they are ripe though I go by what I read and am told.  But that's a me thing.   Imagine how pleased I was when we ate the first one and it was not too bad.  The next 2 were small but had started to go soft so I picked them and chopped them in half with a shovel, to see what they were like inside.  They looked good so we tasted them.  Good!  So I chopped them into bits and shared them around.    The next one wasn't quite ripe but OK.  I still had 3 big ones on the vine. 

Went out to check on them last week and Bugger!  Something has been chewing on them.

Going by this dropping left behind, I'm thinking a bandicoot.  Or a BIG rat.  What do you think?

 There was 1 intact one left.  We have put it into a shadecloth bag so *the thing* cannot get to it. 


  1. Good luck! Hope you get this one for you!

  2. That's too bad. The bag does not look like it can keep out anything large enough to do that much damage. How large are your rats?!

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  4. Oh no how disappointing! We don't get bandicoots here, but we get possums and they do damage like that not sure if a rat is capable of that amount of damage...