Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Harvey Harvest Festival.

I went down to Harvey on Saturday for the annual Harvey Harvest Festival.    It had mention of the 2 & 5 slogan.  Adding that to the word *Harvest* and I thought that it would be a great thing to be a part of.  Fresh, local produce, good stuff to buy seeing as my gardens aren't much chop at the moment.  
I blogged about it on my other blog too.

Unfortunately I was disappointed.  I had the wrong idea and the Harvest Festival is more festival than harvest.  They have grape stomping competitions here too.  They are a big part of this festival.  Lots of fun for all concerned.  Hmmm.  I watched a bit but got cranky about that too.  I tell ya, you can't take me anywhere.

There are some photos of the day over here.    I pinched this one from there.  It is the fruit and veg stall at the event and one reason why I was so disappointed with it all.  I didn't find the display tempting at all, I could buy stuff like that from any of the local IGAs.  I wanted big baskets of stuff.  A massive big urn with cascading grapes, greenery and branches and temptation.  I expected apples, melons, grapes galore.   Tomatoes, Capsicums, chillies of course.  I expected *more* but should know by now that I shouldn't.

If anyone wanted a day out with sideshow games, rides and bouncy castles, stalls selling everything like the big markets, fast food would have loved it.  The bit of entertainment that I saw was good and next time I will make a point to sit, watch and enjoy.  I do like seeing the old machinery displays and the old cars, love them. The man and his dog guiding the sheep was fun.  It wasn't all bad.  But not what I went for, not what I expected, not what I wanted.

Oh, the crankiness with the grape stomping?  Maybe it's just me but I'm pretty sure it's not...Why wouldn't the stomped on grapes be offered to the public for their chooks or pigs instead of being thrown into a rubbish skip?  I just couldn't believe that in a country town something like that would happen.  It made me cranky and sad.

Did anyone reading this go?  What did you think? 
Would that veg display tempt you to spend your money there?

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  1. "Harvest" is just an indication of the time of year and actually focus is on festival? lol I go for the looking and spend no money on games or anything. The animals are fun. However, we have no sheep and dogs herding.