Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Believe it or not it's happened again.

A few days ago we had 4 fat cows in the paddock, no bull, we really did, haha but seriously, we have no bull and never have had..  Tonight when I get home there is a new calf out there too.  It is so cute.

 It belongs to the youngest black calf and really is she old enough to be a mama.  She, the new mama, was born August 2011.  The calf looked OK this evening, I saw it drinking and the new mum seemed to be caring.  But she is young.  I hope that come morning they will both still be alive and well.

I took photos but didn't have the card in the camera and I don't know how to upload them.  I will take more in the morning but should learn how to upload from the camera too shouldn't I?  It's probably easy enough, I'll look for the book.

Bulls have not been seen is our paddock, can they get to a cow through a fence?  Because we have seen our cows and back neighbours cows/bulls all together near the back fence...

There are 3 other cows out there.  This ones mother.  This ones sister.  And fat Brown Cow.  I was going to go away for an overnighter but will stay home now just in case.


  1. LOL - that's hysterical. A true miracle...

  2. If you put you card back into the camera, the camera will ask you if you want to upload or some such thing. Click yes and wait.

    I don't know how I missed this post!

    I am laughing at the mystery. Maybe the bull managed the deed through the fence? Well, now you can milk the cow and will have even more of your food provided on your own place.