Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I Did Today....

Thursday.  Thought I'd write down some of what I did today to see if I really am a SA or just forgetful.

 Up early, 5.25am, so have a coffee, then a couple of hours on computer, breakfast, coffee then outside in the sunshine.   Lovely day,

Morning - washing, we have a small twintub so this takes awhile.  Longer because the machine is outside in the back shed and I tend to go off and do other stuff then have to keep coming back when I remember.   I wandered around the yard and collected branches and twigs, collected a crate of small wood for starting the fire with.  Chopped some other stuff to add to it.  Set up the fire ready to light when it's next cold.  Filled up the woodbox.   Walked out the dam area and looked around.  Yeah, I was busy!  Checked the wormfarm and wandered off to get them some lettuce to munch on.  Looked at the fish and stood there while topping up their tanks and wondering how to go about treating them for whitespot.  Set up a smaller tank and treated 2 batches of fish.  More to go...Looked at the Caulies to see which one needed picking the most...there are a few that could be picked, collected a pile of  their leaves and wandered off to give them to the chooks.  .Pulled some grass out from around the back door.  Got the wheelbarrow to throw weeds and grass in to give to the chooks.  Emptied once and started filling again.   All the while coming back to take the clothes out, spin, rinse, spin, hangup on line..Next load...

Noon. - Lunchtime so in to have something to eat while I watch the midday movie.  Now the plan was to tidy up, do dishes, cleanout fridge, etc during the ads.   I didn't.  I spent most of the ads looking for my battery charger so I could charge batteries for the camera.  I haven't been able to find this for quite a few weeks and it *must* be here otherwise I have no idea where it would be.  Bagged up some clothes for the next Freemarket.  Didn't find charger so will look some more tomorrow.

Afternoon - Back outside but I am getting tired  now so am slow and sore.   Took some clothes off line, inside and folded some.  Sat at the computer and ate an Orange.  See?  Still busy!  Made up some lawnmower fuel, chopped some wood while I was in that area, inside to check phone message, stayed inside for another Orange.  Out again and finally! got the stupid mower started so mowed for a bit.

Evening/Night - Fed and locked up chooks, collected eggs.   Inside and showered -now 6pm. 
Tea, Will have coffee then computer until bed.  
8pm - just remembered a couple of chooks got out this afternoon so I need to go out and look for them and throw put them back in.

So this is what a lot of my days are like, just mooching around doing bits and pieces but having not much to show for it.  Husband does projects so we can see what he does but my stuff is like housework, stuff that needs doing over and over and over and over...Because I can't see an end result it looks like I'm not doing anything but really, I am doing a bit..  Sometimes anyway!

Tomorrow will probably be much the same but there will be some book reading instead of a midday movie.


  1. I didn't think you were a slack a***...
    see you just proved it by writing it all down and telling us, I can be like that I think I'm being lazy then I say to Kev I did all the washing, went for my 2 20 minute walks, made something sewed something etc.etc... I think we forget as you said it's things that need doing every day or week and we just get on and do what we's important to take time out and relax, read, watch TV or DVD....Well done Barb I think you are amazing...I think every mother is amazing if we all wrote down what we do in a day I think we would also be surprised at what we really do achieve ....
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  2. It sounds like you did a lot to me! Just you had lots of chores that took little dribs and drabs of your time is not your fault. You also work! You have to eat and make a fire and take care of the hens. I hate it when it is 10 pm and I remember I did not shut up the hens! Your washing method sounds more complicated than mine. So does your heating and cooking methods. I think you do more than you think, lots more.