Saturday, March 10, 2012

Plants from Diggers.

We have bought some more trees to help with my self sufficiencey in food plan.  Daughter is a member of Diggers so we now have 3 coffee trees, 2 Babaco and 1 Chocolate Pudding tree.  Buying them with her membership saved us some money so I will be able to get more things later on...

Husband has been wanting the Babaco for quite a few years but we haven't been able to find any in WA and Diggers never used to send them here.  This year though, seen, ordered, bought and planted.

When the box of plants arrived one of the coffee bushes was looking very sad, and the Babaco had lost all of their leaves. 
I took them out, pulled all the sticky tape off them gave them a good soak and they are now looking good.

 Husband wanted the Babaco in some drums outside the front door so they would be "looked after" Hmffft!

 It took me ages to empty out the crap dirt that was in them and replace it with better stuff and get it ready to plant in.   Once they were in I made up some rings of wire and tied some shadecloth bags around that to protect them from the heat, wind, anything else.  I will leave them like that until they are bigger and look like they are growing properly.  They have new leaves on after a week so should be OK.

Photo coming...

 The plan was for me to get the others planted as well but I didn't get to it yet and this week is going to be hot! so I will wait 'til it cools a bit.  I have the area where the coffee are to go ready but don't want to risk them keeling over.  I am going to make some more wire box things to go around them but these will also need to be protected from the chooks. 

As yet I am not sure where to put the CP tree.  That will grow big and I am thinking of putting it out in the dam area but the pear trees that are out there don't get looked after and are looking a bit crook so as I don't want the same thing to happen with this I am still undecided.  I will need to get it decided on though so I can dig a hole and get this in the ground as soon as it cools.  These are the sorts of things that should be all sorted before I actually get the plants but hey!  It wasn't so I now need to pull me finger out.  And will do so over the next few days...

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  1. I had to look up babaco and chocolate pudding tree.They both sound like winners to me! Maybe the babaco tree can be his According to sources, the babaco is sparsely leaved, anyway. So, maybe it is not in too much distress. Babaco is grown here in California, so I will try one if I ever see it in the store, chocolate pudding fruit, too.