Saturday, March 17, 2012

Big Tank Garden...Chook Cleanerupperers.

I have been putting the Isa Browns out in the big tank garden in the hope that they will eat all the slaters and other bugs out there.   I was going to somehow put up a chicken wire surround but this netting came off the Apricot tree and hadn't been put away yet so instead of finding somewhere to store it I draped it over the tank garden.  It was easy to do as there are star pickets and framework that the beans and cucumbers had climbed up so the net sits on top of the ringlock wire.   At first I just had the netting draping down onto the ground but of course a few chooks found they could get under it so the husband helped me tie a long rope around the base of the tank.  I'ts a bit more trouble getting them in and out but once in they can't get out and into the other gardens.  

It's working and this weekend I will put them out there for the last time.  I am going to use this garden for some Winter crops.  Not sure yet what will go in there but hoping for at least some Beetroot, Carrots, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower...I know I have seeds for those so will see what comes up and grows I suppose.

I am thinking I will leave the netting over the garden in the hope that it will keep a lot of the Cabbage White Butterfly out.   I had a lot of trouble with them last year so this is at least worth a try.  The eggshells and hanging plastic cutouts didn't do much of a job last season and we lost a lot to the caterpillars.  If this keeps them out I will at least have a chance of not having to pick out little grey things before I shove the cooked cabbage or caulie in my mouth. 


  1. That's a great setup. Ack and ewww! Cabbages with catepillars! Maybe the butterflies will think twice before trying to enter. Can you spray some garlic and pepper mixture on the net to help deter them? If it is not toxic, I tend to go into overkill mode.

  2. That looks like a really good solution.

  3. Caterpillars is how you spell