Sunday, March 25, 2012

March Challenge. Soap from Pigfat.

I'm leaving these to the last week and that is not right.  I will try and post my monthly challenge at the beginning of the month.  No mind changing to make things easier that way.

For March though I am going to make soap using the fat from the pig that we killed.  I have made soap using oil but I think using the fat from the pig is a better use of the animal and it bothers me to waste it.  We do usually feed it to the chooks but if this soap works that will be better I think.  

Fat from animals is what soap is made from so there is no reason that I can't do it too. 

Today I have taken the bag of fat from the freezer and will render it down.  I'm hoping there is enough gas to do this otherwise it will have to wait until tomorrow when I can get more.

Coffee then into it.


  1. I'll be interested to hear how you go. I've only ever used vegetable fats in mine.

  2. This will be interesting. I hope there are lots of pictures and explanations. Save a little for the chickens. They need some fat. You are going to put coffee in the soap? Or, is that an idiom I don't understand? Curious--how many gallons of fat do you get from on pig?

  3. I was going to have a cup of coffee before I started. But I now have the grandkid here so it will need to wait until she goes before I start anything.
    People do put coffee into their soaps though, I have read that somewhere. Coffee grounds I think, for colour and smell.

  4. I remember. The coffee grounds are for a scrubby texture. Maybe they are for color or smell. I suppose that would be a nice morning smell. Even though I cannot stand the taste of coffee, the smell of coffee makes me ravenous.