Friday, July 14, 2017

73 to 100. By tomorrow...

I have a Facebook Page, also named Barb's Backyard.
We have a stall out the front where we put honey and excess fruit and vegetables to sell.  Soon, when I get around to it, there will be plants.
As of this afternoon I have 73 likes.  Daughter has said she can get it up to 100.  By tomorrow.  I am doubtful but have made her an administrator.  The challenge is on. 

Update - 15/7/17 - Well, it's *tomorrow* and I now have 96 likes.  Four short of the hundred that L was aiming for but 23 more than yesterday morning.  I have given away dozens of chokos and sold 5 bags of oranges, some lemons, some honey...Thanks L.


  1. I rarely go on fb, like maybe every six months. I hope you get hundreds of "likes."

    1. Thankyou. I do have more now. Makes me laugh how *excited* I get over likes on FaceBook. haha. I really do need a life.