Friday, December 12, 2014

'Tis The Season...

For so many things.  Christmas probably comes to mind to most people but on my walk around the yard this morning I was thinking Cucumber.  Starts with the same letter so kinda connected.  Last night a neighbour was asking for jars and I offered her mine...Ummm, oops, now I will need to keep some back as we will need them for the Bread and Butter Pickles that I will need to make sometime soon.  Sometime soon when I am not sure of but I will have to do something or they will be wasted and as I like them better made up into pickles and husband and kids aren't eating them fast enough...Pickles with these it will be.

There is still heaps on the vine and flowers galore so we should be able to fill any jars that I don't forget I need and give away....

The snow peas are just about done, I keep forgetting to pick them and they then get too big to eat, they get stringy and not as nice so are left.  I will get enough seed pods to last me the next few years though so it's not all wasteful.
 We have had a few Chokos even though 'tis not the season for them.   I am still trying to get a spot where they grow as well as they do out here in these tank gardens as they take over everything else and I want them elsewhere.
 Likewise the Lemon Balm.  Husband pulled it all up from here a month or so ago but I knew it would be back.  And it is so I will have to get onto it and pull it up again.
 We have finally pulled the old Passionfruit vine out but these 2 here are starting to take off, well one is at least, the second is coming along but nowhere near as well.
So we're a couple of weeks into December and if we wanted to we could survive on what we grow for the rest of the year and beyond. I am slack though and last night we had bought pizza.  And lollies.  And chocolate.   HoHum, no wonder I feel like crap.  I eat it, I feel it.  Must start working on that real soon. 

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  1. It's good to see you back and growing food. Also, I think it is great you can live for a period on just what you grow.