Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Lights.

There is a house in our town that decorates for Christmas.  Lots of lights, ornaments, decorations... There are lots of houses that do this but this particular one is open for the public to walk through and admire.  I went up on Friday night with 2 daughters and their daughters...

Hidden away behind the scenes is this and I was please that we noticed it.  After-all, what is Christmas without the Nativity scene.

Inside the house is full of Christmas everything as well.  Every wall, surface and spare floor space has something Christmassy on display.  This years display is different to last years and next year it will probably be different again.  

Every kid gets a present, pretty good ones too going by what the grandkids got. 

They do have small gifts for sale and donation boxes for worthy causes.  And they do meals as well.  Groups can book a table and go up for a Christmas meal.  I asked about booking a table for Christmas dinner for the Vinnies volunteers next year and was told that they will start taking calls in Feb and finish mid March.  I have their number so hope I remember to call and can get a table for us as I think it will be fun.  It seems strange to need to book 10 months ahead but that is how popular this place has become.  It is just a local family too, not a business, they do it for the people because they like to share the Christmas spirit. 


  1. That id a spectacular display. It is great they allow you in the house.

  2. I'm always in two minds when I go up here. It is a pretty fantastic display, so pretty and bright and colourful and usually always lots of people there having a look...All that power! and stuff!! the lights flash and make my head go weird, too noisy people...