Sunday, June 1, 2014

Market Day Morning.

I am up early so I can have coffee and breakfast before I leave for the markets.   I have not been getting up as early as I like lately so this morning was a nice change.   It means I have time for coffee and breakfast before having to leave and I have some meat on cooking so half of tonight's tea will be sorted already.  Bonus!

The car is all packed but I need to call in and buy petrol on the way, I have food packed so I wont want to buy anything, need to remember to grab a bottle of water...Ha, that's done too now, how good am I...

Finish breakfast, have tablet and be off...I love being organised.  So much so that it always surprises me when I let things get in such a state that it is hard to be so...Maybe I should make June the month to get some things under control...OK, we all know I should the thing is...will I...

OK, now I am off, hopefully to make a dollar or two more than $50....

1 comment:

  1. Barb,
    If my life were ordered and completed like "I should," my life would be great. But, reality butts in. At least this morning you did not have to go without breakfast or wear dirty clothes on the floor. And, having the meat done tonight will be a relief and might even make you market day less tiring.

    How is your back. Let us know soon how much you made today or profited or however you figure it. Good luck.