Sunday, June 22, 2014

Black Sheep.

The most horrible movie that I have watched in a long time.   Whoever made this is warped in the head.   As I must be for sitting here and watching the stupid horrible thing.  Thanks for leaving the DVD here T.

It's ridiculous, kinda funny, horrible...finished.    Baaa!


  1. I just checked. Siskel of Siskel and Ebert, movie critics, walked out on it. So, I suppose you are in good company for hating it. I just saw (twice) A Million Ways to Die in the West. Try it. It's hilarious. No, I don't have the money to see a movie even once. The first time was with a friend the second time was a date.

    1. Daughter saw A Million Ways To Die recently. I am too tight to fork out $14 to sit in a movie theatre full f noisy people so will need to wait until it comes out on DVD.
      You had a date! Hope you enjoyed it.

    2. $14? !!! We went during a matinee and date paid $5.75, not so bad. I go to the movies about once every two or three years. This was a movie I really wanted to see.

      NO! I did not enjoy the date. After the movie we were going to get a hamburger. I said I had to go feed my hens first and put them up for the night. He said he had to feed his dog and he was 1.5 hours from home. So, I told him to just take him back to my car. He did. He told me to sit still and he would help me out. I mustered everything I had and got out of his Miata, did not say another word and got in my car.

      This was my second date with him. The first was ten years ago or more. He is the best kisser ever, but I was ticked off when I arrived. I was late due to ATT guy showing up at the wrong time. So, I called and got a stranger. He had not bothered to give me his new cell number. Then, I emailed that I was late and on the way. He did not check his email on his phone. When I arrived at the theater, I could not see and called his name. He came to me and I told him I needed a ticket and money to get it. He said, "Don't you have any money?" I said, "No." I did but I did not understand this was Dutch!

      He complained about how he could see the movie on HBO, that it was too expensive. The problem is--I know where he works and he is loaded, not that I want him to be extravagant. Plus, he lied about where he lives. I have known for years that he is 45 minutes from me, not an hour and a half. He has stood me up twice since our first date. However, being cautious is okay since we met on the internet. So, I am just done with him.

      So, now you know.

    3. I meant that he was ticked off when I arrived late at the movie. By the way, we were about 8 minutes from my house, so feeding the hens would have been a 20 minute or less detour in the date.