Monday, June 18, 2012

June Food.

We're more than halfway through June and we haven't bought, and wont buy, any real food from any shop.  I wont tell you about the hot chips and the lollies from last week... but if I am talking real food, like fruit, veg, meat...then maybe I can mention the hot chips and lollies...but as I am suposed to be eating healthy and getting fitter I want mention them...

We have a full freezer crammed fuller with assorted fish thanks to a fishing trip to Shark Bay that the husband and son are not long back from.  Salt and Pepper Squid for tea tonight if I can sweettalk the man into cooking it.  The fridge is full of eggs and vegie soup.  The table is covered in oranges and lemons...and apples.  There is a basket of apples out the front and the back yard is covered in chokos that were blown off in last weeks storm and for some reason are still there.  I will pick them up before I mow though as they are too big and too many to get chopped up properly.   I have 5 whole pumpkins left and they too are on the table on the front verandah.  The chilli bushes are chockers but there is no room in any freezer to put them.  I will have to cook them up and make more chutney or jam...but I am away again from tomorrow...Or this afternoon, not decided yet.

There are at least 6 roosters that need doing...NO idea where we will put them all.  But they NEED doing as they are so loud and there are so many.

I was going to have eggs for breakfast but there are a few manky, small bananas that need using so will have a milkshake instead and an egg later on.  I will put some apple in the woodstove oven later and see how they dry in there...because there is no room to freeze any cooked and there are too many to eat.  They wont keep as they are bruised and marked from being blown off.  In last weeks storm. 

This growing your own food is great, I love it.  But it is so much more work than driving to the shop and buying what you want as you need it.  Our way takes time and planning so not too much is wasted.  I will collect a bag of assorted stuff to give away today and I will try and sort as much as the other stuff before I leave here for the week.  Best be off and adoing.


  1. It all sound so wonderful. I wish I had so much waiting for me to do in the way of fresh food from my yard.

    I only grow cayenne peppers, but I use dental floss and needle to thread them and hang to dry. This might not work with your chilis. They don't require much in the way of prep or storage area. Just make the floss much longer than you need, make a loop in the long end of he floss and hang it on something so it will dry. I suppose sewing thread would work, but I feel the floss will not mold inside the pepper.

    My freezer has become more empty, but that was the plan when I thought I would be moving immediately.

    Have you ever pressure canned meat?

    I can just see all the bounty about your place from your description!

    1. Hello Linda. Hope you are doing OK.
      I haven't canned meat, I would worry about poisoning myself.
      I'm home to stay for a bit so hopefully will get caught up with everything.


  2. Barb,
    I have mulled over poisoning myself, too. I am trying to get over that idea. I am so glad you never metnioned the hot chips and lollies! What are lollies? Here, it would be a little hard sucker we call a lollipop. Sucker=hard candy on a little cardboard stick.